Waterstreet Studio | Bundoran Farm
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Bundoran Farm

Bundoran Farm, an award winning conservation community located outside of Charlottesville, has long been a point of pride in our office. Our team began work at Bundoran in 2005 while working with McKee Carson and Owner, Qroe Preservation Development. Master planning efforts included ecological resource mapping, road design and careful site selection for 100 homes designed to protect viewsheds and operations of the agricultural landmark property.


Over the years since, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with the development teams at Celebration Associates and Natural Retreats at Bundoran to restore streams, protect and enhance orchard, silviculture and meadowlands, and develop road/trail systems that lay lightly on the land to preserve the rural character of the landscape. Our work continues on many of the residential gardens and estates at Bundoran including Souther Living’s 2015 Idea House.


For more information on the project, visit the Bundoran website.

Client/Project Team

Celebration Associates | Natural Retreats | McKee Carson


North Garden, VA