Waterstreet Studio | Collegiate School
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Collegiate School

In recent years, the Collegiate School in Richmond, Virginia has embarked on a comprehensive and assertive campaign to redevelop its Mooreland Road academic campus. Having completed much work on the elementary campus, the school turned its eye toward the middle and upper schools in 2009-2010. A campus loop road was developed to simplify circulation and maximize efficiencies. As a result, the character and entry experience was transformed.


Waterstreet Studio was commissioned to join civil engineers at Draper Aden Associates and a team of local and regional architects to interpret, develop and detail the north quad and Academic Commons Building conceived of by Master Plnners at Centerbrook Architects.


Pedestrian walkways, plazas and outdoor learning environments were designed to connect academic facilities with richly planted and brand-defining spaces. Today, the Academic Commons Plaza, H2 Studio Gardens and Library Amphitheater are some of the most popular and emblematic student environments on campus.

Client/Project Team

Collegiate School | Tymoff Moss Architects | Draper Aden Associates


Richmond, VA