Waterstreet Studio | Mill Mountain
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Mill Mountain

The Mill Mountain Estate sits on a 700 acre farm in North Garden, Virginia, framed by a forest edge. Waterstreet Studio worked closely with the owners to create a unique home and garden that accommodate the growing family while acknowledging the property’s natural integrity.


Waterstreet’s landscape architects carefully conceived the site experience. The journey to the residence begins on a mile-long drive that weaves through a restored meadow and forest, gracefully flowing the topography to reveal the home at its end. Upon arrival at the house, outdoor garden rooms mediate between the forest edge and open meadow evoking an emotional landscape that exhibits seasonal dynamics. Layered planting calls attention to the variety of colors, textures, light and tones in the landscape. A pool, spa and multi-level terraces sit within this landscape and provide many areas to relax with family.


Private Owner | Hamady Architects


North Garden, VA